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Genesa Crystals

Genesa Crystals

We have 100% copper Genesa Crystals available to purchase. They range in size from 2 inches to 7 ½ inches in diameter. Prices range from $22 to $55 depending on the size of the Genesa Crystal. The larger the Genesa Crystal, the more powerful it is. You can also order larger Genesa Crystals, which we will make to order.

If you'd like to purchase one please contact me at:
Belleville (613) 961-7381 or (613) 243-4732

I have had at least one Genesa crystal in every room of my home and my daughters home since 2009. I love their energy effects. I also love to hold a small Genesa Crystal in each hand, when I am meditating. I find the energy effects even more powerful then holding crystals.

The Genesa Crystal is a sacred geometric sculpture that can be used as a powerful tool for manifestation. Because its shape is perfectly aligned with nature, it becomes an antenna that attracts, cleanses, balances, and finally amplifies energy.

Programming a Genesa is as simple as sitting it in a room or garden. However, the Genesa can be attuned to a specific intention by simply instructing it to do so. This can be done by focusing on the crystal during meditation or holding it in your hands while saying a prayer. To increase the power of your Genesa Crystal, place a favorite crystal in the center. For instance, a rose quartz can be used to magnify love in your life, an amethyst can by used to magnify intuitive powers, or a clear quartz crystal can be used to promote peace and harmony. People have also been known to place money in the center to attract abundance, photos in the center to protect a loved one or help them heal, or a card that simply states a specific intention.

In the 1940's, Agricultural Geneticist Dr. Derald Langham, discovered that at the 8-cell stage of development, the cellular structure of all living organisms is identical. From this point in development, Dr. Langham asserted that "life can expand in any direction." He was the first to discover that this shape, technically referred to as a cubatahedron, "held the full potential for infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite form, infinite energy, infinite power, for the Soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith. It has all your goals, your desires, your motivations-even life itself." On closer examination, The Genesa Crystal contains within its design all 5 Platonic Solids-the shapes that are the building blocks for all organic life, including the Star of Tetrahedron. The Star of Tetrahedron is believed by many to be the specific geometric shape that surrounds the human body. Some believe that a Genesa Crystal aligns the physical body with the spiritual body, speeding up life's spiritual processes. When used in combination with meditation and pranic breathing, it is thought to "cause the body to increase its evolution, rapidly unfolding the knowledge of the Humanself and the God within."