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Ardith Quanbury
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Harmonyum® Healing

Harmonyum Healing

Restoration Peace Revitalization Balanced Energies

• Calms the emotional body of pain, for inner peace
• Many say pain is gone or reduced for some time
• Deep rest & relaxation (rejuvenating)
• Improved health (revitalizing)
• Increased stamina (energizing)
• Restorative Sleep
• Accelerated recovery from illness, stress & fatigue
• Recalibration of body/mind for glowing appearance
• Increased mental and physical performance
• Improved creativity

Harmonyum® addresses the root cause of disturbances, not the symptoms. Harmonyum® actually raises the recipient's awareness and expands their consciousness, creating the platform for permanent self-healing as a result of self-directed change. Then the recipient naturally and increasingly chooses speech, actions, behaviors and responses that create a life of success, health and loving relationships.

Each Harmonyum® session takes about 1¼ hours while you lie fully clothed, on a massage table. Working on the head stimulates the divine glands and enhances one’s spiritual vitality while nurturing the brain. Working along the spine frees the balancing and healing energy, which then floods each cell with pranic energy to empower the body for self healing. Harmonyum® both works on and raises the vibratory frequency of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your being.

Harmonyum® sends healing energy directly to the nervous system, brain and heart, which i) balances the chakras and ii) helps the body heal itself, by relaxing the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). This helps balance the fluctuations between the sympathetic “fight or flight” response and parasympathetic “rest and digest” branches of the ANS. It calms the nerves and helps repair the energy drained through long-term stress. People report their pain was either greatly reduced or eliminated after a Harmonyum® healing session.

Harmonyum® provides a powerful complimentary treatment strategy for clients, who may be undergoing other medical therapies. Harmonyum® is energizing while it promotes deep rest, mental clarity, personal realization and inner peace. Harmonyum® Healing comes to us from Dr Joseph Michael Levry of Naam yoga.

Cost: $70 per session or $120 in your home.

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